The Silver Sable German Shepherd is a relatively rare color variation of the popular German Shepherd breed. Known for their stunning silver and black coats, these dogs possess all the best traits of the German Shepherd personality – loyal, intelligent, and energetic. Let’s explore what makes Silver Sable Shepherds such exceptional companions.


The most defining feature of the Silver Sable German Shepherd is of course their unique coloration. Their coats are primarily a rich charcoal or silver hue with black tips on the fur giving a “sable” effect. No two coats are exactly alike with variations in shading. Their regal silver coats combined with the noble Shepherd stance makes them truly beautiful dogs. They typically have black masks and features. Eyes are brown though lighter shades can occur. Overall, the Silver Sable Shepherd closely resembles the classic black and tan German Shepherd in body structure.


Since the Silver Sable color is simply a pigment variation, their personality and temperament is identical to any standard German Shepherd. This means they are highly intelligent, loyal, brave and great protectors of their family and home. German Shepherds form extremely close bonds with their owners. They aim to please and are highly responsive to obedience training when done properly. German Shepherds need ongoing socialization to thrive in family living situations. Overall, the Silver Sable Shepherd’s temperament is what makes them elite service and companion dogs.

beautiful Silver Sable German Shepherds

Pros of Silver Sable Shepherds

There are many reasons the unique Silver Sable German Shepherd is steadily growing in popularity:

  • Maintains all the fine qualities of the German Shepherd breed
  • Gorgeous and unique silver and black coat color
  • Often have lighter, more striking eye color
  • Intelligent, trainable, and eager to please owners
  • Devoted companions and great with children
  • Excellent watch dogs and protectors
  • More rare and unique than standard colorings

Potential Cons to Consider

  • Shedding with thick double coat
  • Prone to same health issues as German Shepherds
  • Require substantial daily exercise
  • Can develop behavioral issues without proper training
  • May display wary tendencies around strangers
  • Coat requires frequent brushing and grooming
  • Large size not suitable for small homes

Overall, Silver Sable German Shepherds make marvelous family guardians and companions. Their darker pigment is also believed to make them less prone to certain health issues.

Training and Care

This color variation has no affect on the standard German Shepherd exercise and training requirements. Silver Sable Shepherds need 60+ minutes of daily activity along with rigorous obedience training, socialization, and mental stimulation. A dedicated owner is a must for these bright, energetic dogs. Their thick double coat also requires brushing 2-3 times per week minimum.

Health and Lifespan

Since Silver Sable German Shepherds are purebred GSD’s, they share the same health tendencies. Potential issues can include hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, vision/hearing loss, and digestive problems. Reputable breeders will screen parent dogs. With proper care, these dogs typically live 9-13 years.

Finding Silver Sable Puppies

Silver Sable German Shepherd puppies are produced from selective pairings focusing specifically on this coloration. Never buy from a breeder who can’t show health clearances. The internet can help locate reputable Silver Sable GSD breeders but expect waitlists. Take time finding a breeder who breeds to the GSD standard for health and temperament above all else.

The Silver Sable German Shepherd proves you can’t judge a book by its cover. Underneath their wolf-like exteriors are regal, loyal souls ready for a job or life as a devoted companion. Allow their beauty inside and out to mesmerize you and you’ll find a furry friend for life in the Silver Sable Shepherd.

cute silver sable german shepherd puppy