Black German Shepherd Puppies

Buy Black German Shepherd Puppies


German Shepherd Puppies NC now has black German shepherd puppies for sale in Charlotte, NC. If you’re a fan of German shepherds, you’re going to love these purebreds that boast a unique appearance.

What Are Black German Shepherds

All black German shepherd is no different from a standard German shepherd, as they are merely a color variant and not a mixed breed. When you buy black German shepherd puppies, you can expect dogs that will be intelligent, loyal, protective, and energetic. Whether you want a guard dog or a family dog with a protective nature, these dogs will get the job done. 

How High Mantance Are Black German Shepherds ?

You should not get a German shepherd puppy if everyone in the household will be away during the day. While these dogs are highly intelligent and thus easy to train, this intelligence along with their high energy levels means that they get bored easily and may be destructive around the home if they do not get sufficient exercise and mental stimulation — only leave them alone once they are completely trained.

Besides their behavior, German shepherds require a significant amount of grooming, as their medium to long fur requires regular grooming. If you get a dog with a medium coat, you will need to brush it at least two times a week. If your dog has a long coat, you’ll need to brush it at least once a day to prevent knots and excessive shedding.

How Dangerous Are Black German Shepherds?

Like their bicolor counterparts, black German shepherds can be aggressive. However, if you properly discourage this behavior, you will not need to worry about the dog showing aggression towards members of your family. Instead, you can hone the dog’s natural aggression to make it an excellent guard dog.

If you want to adopt a black German shepherd puppy, call us today at 910-973-3923.

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