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Raising German Shepherds Since 1991

Here at German Shepherd Puppies of North Carolina, we specialize in breeding beautiful, intelligent German Shepherds that embody the ideal traits of the breed. Located in Shannon, North Carolina, we have been raising exceptional German Shepherd puppies since 1991.

Our dogs are more than just pets – they are working dogs at heart. We focus on producing German Shepherds with confident temperaments, high intelligence, trainability, and unwavering loyalty. Our puppies are bred to be strong, courageous, and eager to please, just as the breed was intended.

We take great pride in treating our dogs like family. We socialize our puppies extensively so they grow into well-rounded companions. Our German Shepherds are devoted to their families, great with children, and get along well with other pets.

Above all, our dogs have excellent pedigrees, health clearances, and temperaments suited for real working roles. We believe in preserving the German Shepherd’s noble character, versatility, and working ability.

If you’re looking for a lively, purebred German Shepherd puppy to join your family, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional breed lines and available puppies. We’re proud to continue producing the highest caliber German Shepherds in North Carolina for over 30 years and counting.

Our Puppy Guarantee

We guarantee the health and appearance of all of our puppies. For example, you can rest assured that your puppy will pass OFA certification at 24 months. If the X-ray results fail, you can return your puppy and pick another one. We also guarantee your puppy’s overall health for the first five years. Lastly, we guarantee that by one year of age, your puppy’s ears will both stand up properly.

All of our puppies are cared for inside our homes from birth. This ensures that the puppies are well socialized with other dogs and people to develop these skills early on. We play with them daily to help them develop their muscles and motor skills.

You can rest assured that your puppy has been well cared for and is up to date on all vaccines and deworming. We also microchip all puppies before selling them. And all of our puppies have pure bloodlines and come with AKC registration as well.

If you are interested in learning more about our German Shepherd puppies, contact us, or inquire about our litters today through our online contact form.

See Some of Our Puppies in Action!

Why We Specialize in Breeding German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is one of the most beloved dog breeds and for good reason. These intelligent, loyal companions make excellent pets and working dogs. If you live in North Carolina and are considering a German Shepherd puppy, you can find quality breeders right in the state through us.

We offer purebred German Shepherd puppies bred for health, temperament and conformation to breed standards. There are many reasons why their German Shepherd puppies make great pets for North Carolina homes, here’s a handful of the most important ones:

Ideal Temperament

German Shepherds are known for their even-tempered and loyal disposition when properly socialized and trained. We breed dogs with calm demeanors and an eagerness to bond with their human families. Their puppies are handled frequently from birth to become acclimated to people and prevent skittishness. This produces puppies well-suited for family living environments.

Intelligence and Trainability

The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed. Their ability to learn commands, follow direction and be molded into working dogs or companions is unmatched. We selectively breeds dogs to maintain these traits of high intelligence and trainability. Raising their puppies around a variety of stimuli prepares them for the training essential to develop a well-behaved and socialized adult.

Health and Genetic Testing

As a reputable breeders, we conduct genetic and health testing on their breeding stock. Their sires and dams are screened for issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy. Only dogs passing these health checks are bred. This helps minimize the chances of inherited diseases in offspring. Their puppies come with health guarantees against many genetic problems.

Vigilance and Protectiveness

The German Shepherd was originally developed as a herding dog and that protective instinct remains strong today. They mature into loyal guardians of their family and property while remaining non-aggressive when properly socialized. We pride ourselves on breeding puppies with this balanced protective drive that makes them attentive watchdogs but still kid-friendly pets.


Few breeds can keep up with the German Shepherd’s energy and athleticism. Whether running alongside a bike, playing fetch or agility training, these dogs love physical activity. Staying active comes naturally to the breed. We focus on producing puppies with the sound structure, muscle tone and vigor required for a lifetime of athletic exploits with their families.


Thanks to their trainability, courage and strength, German Shepherds excel in many roles. They serve as police K-9s, military and guard dogs, search and rescue, service dogs, herders and of course as devoted family companions and protectors. We specialize in breeding adaptable and sound puppies capable of succeeding in any lifestyle.

Reputable Breeder

As respected German Shepherd show dog exhibitors, we value upholding breed standards and ethics. Their facility allows puppies to thrive in a clean, enriching environment until adoption. All breeding dogs are AKC registered and puppies come with registration paperwork. New owners can rest assured their puppy was responsibly bred and raised.

Convinced a German Shepherd is the right dog for you?

We would be glad to match you with your perfect pup. Just provide us with some info on the temperament, activity level and appearance you desire and we’ll let you know when litters matching your preferences become available.

Bringing home a German Shepherd puppy from a professional North Carolina breeder ensures your new furry family member will grow into a healthy, well-adjusted companion that exemplifies the best qualities of this noble breed.

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German Shepherd Puppies With Black Fur

If you’re looking for a German Shepherd puppy that has a black coat, then you are in luck as we have several that will be available soon. Please visit our black German Shepherd puppies page to learn more.